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High Tea Party Ideas

Planning your little girl’s birthday will surely offer you lots of ideas. Mothers are usually excited to plan birthdays of girls as they can explore their own favorite fairytale characters and themes and get to execute the same. Sadly, many parents have a lot of ideas, but not the resources or the time to execute them. However, with a little bit of imagination you can set up a high tea party for your little girl within your time constraints which will have everyone happy as well.

Decide on the theme

At the beginning, when you have decided on a high tea, theme party, you would have your menu options laid out in front of you. What’s more, deciding on the birthday theme is important as the décor, clothes, gifts and even food items would be dependent on the same. If you decide to opt for fairy parties, for instance, you would want to offer such fancy dress gear for the children. They would love to wear wings and hold hands. Even boys can be fairies and have a delightful time in such a party. You need to come up with fun games and food items accordingly.

Decor and entertainment

The main hard work would lie in making the décor as per your theme and deciding on the entertainment aspect as well. While a home party can have simple décor and you could organize a few games yourself, for a larger group you need to look at childrens party entertainers. There are many event organizers who specialize in organizing and managing parties. You could always engage any such organizer and hand over the entire responsibility for them.

Get the help you need

If you are unable to find the time to organize and pull off a birthday party all by yourself, do not hesitate to find a service for the same. Many freelance organizers charge nominal fees for getting together a delightful party for your little one. Seek out someone with experience who has handled several such parties. For larger gatherings you could even look at professional services in your area. You can confer with several parties in order to get the right budget fixed and ensure that your ideas are carried out to perfection. It would be wise to lay out your ideas before an organizer or seek their advice in order to form the theme of the party from the beginning.

Nowadays, many event organizers advertise their services online. This helps to reduce the time to find a service and to engage them in time for the party you have in mind.

Preparing For Your Baby’s Baptism

If you have just had a new baby, there is no doubt that your life is full of first times and much excitement. One of the biggest events in a Christian family when they have a new baby is preparing for the baby’s christening or baptism. A baptism is symbolic of your baby becoming a Christian and you handing your baby’s life over to God and therefore this is a very important occasion in your life and your baby’s life. In preparation for your baby’s baptism, you will need to choose two people, a male and a female, to become your baby’s “God parents”. God parents are two people that you choose to guide your child throughout her life spiritually and to help her down the right path when they parents cannot. In addition to this, one of the most important roles a God parent is meant to play is that they will need to adopt or take the baby in case of the unfortunate circumstance that the baby’s parents were to pass away or be rendered unable to care for the baby any longer.

As such, you will need to choose your baby’s God parents very carefully because you need to keep in mind that these two people will become your baby’s parents in case you were ever unable to take care of your baby or in case of your death.

Custom and tradition

For the baptism, it is customary for you to dress your baby in a long white flowing garment. Girls christening gowns and boys christening gowns are traditionally the same and is usually a long white robe like garment specially made for the occasion of the baptism or christening.

However, modern parents are choosing to stray away from tradition by buying christening dresses that are beautiful white party dresses that can be worn on special occasions as well.

It makes more sense to invest in an outfit that your child can wear again one day because there is no doubt that you will be spending a lot of money on the outfit that you choose for your baby’s christening and it makes little sense to buy an outfit that will never be worn again.

Parties and celebration

The christening of your baby is essentially symbolic of your baby being born again as a Christian child and therefore this occasion calls for a party and a celebration. Most parents choose to throw a small breakfast party or an event to celebrate this event at their own homes.

How To Have Fun On A Budget?

Having fun might seem like a complicated proposition if you happen to be labouring under financial constraints, but all you need is a bit of insight and insider knowledge to do this. Having fun on a budget doesn’t have to be hard if you plan everything out properly. In addition to this, you will also need to adjust your expectations quite a bit, and consider alternative sources of enjoyment and interests. There are plenty of options available when it comes to having fun on a budget, but it will require a bit of ingenuity and effort to truly pull it off effectively. With these considerations in mind, here are some tips on how to maximize the amount of fun you can get on a limited budget.
Host a movie night at home
This activity will require almost no expense, since you will already have all the resources you need for this at home. However, you can try to jazz it up by inviting your friends over to your rooftop garden or outdoor area to have a movie screening under the stars. You can also consider deploying some hawaiian party decorations to give the whole enterprise a good ambiance, and perhaps include some cheap booze and snacks for maximum fun.
Have a dance party
Hosting a dance party in your living room might not be to everyone’s tastes, but this can be fun if you do it with the right people. All you have to do is to consider some party themes and put up some funky décor so that the place starts to wear the right vibe before the dance party. Then, you can turn down the lights and plug in your favorite mixtape and let loose with your most energetic moves.
Start a book club
If you are a big reader, you have the option of doing something proactive with your favourite activity by starting a book club. A book club can be a fun way of expanding on the things you read and it might give you the chance of having lively and life changing discussions with like-minded people. Once you find enough people for your book club, you can set out some snacks for when they come over, and have a little fun with the bookish discussion.
Take up a sport
If you want to add a bit of exercise while you are having fun, you have the option of taking up a casual sport. One of the more budget friendly sporting activities that you can do is cycling, which gives you the chance to explore your neighborhood or town as well.