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Amazing And Unique Birthday Gifts For Small Children

When it comes to buying gifts for small children, there is actually a pretty wide selection from which you can carefully choose from. As they are small children, you cannot give them anything and everything, you have to be very careful about buying kids gifts because if you give them the wrong gift, other problems could arise out of the situation. There are toys, baby care products and many other things you can choose from to gift to a child, but remember these products have to be very safe and non-harmful to the child in any way.

Child’s clothing

This is the most popular gift choice there is when it comes to small kids. There are plenty of clothes to choose from like kids party dresses. Unlike opting to buy baby care products and toys which could be harmful, you can opt for clothes because they are safe and cannot harm the child in any way. You can buy casual clothing, you can even color ode the gifts and buy matching hats and shoes. They key is to buy clothes that look good and are comfortable for the child, because the child himself would accept anything you give them because they do not know any better.

If you are looking to buy a gift for a small baby that is not very old yet, you can look for cute baby clothes online or in local stores and then purchase them. However, the wise thing for you to do first before purchasing any kind of clothe is to consult the parents. You might not know but the child could have an allergic reaction of some sort to certain clothing material especially if it is only a small baby. Once you get the parents approval you can do some shopping and buy baby clothes, and the best part is they are not expensive at all, so you can buy multiple outfits and shoes too.

The Toys

The best kind of toy to buy for a small child is a soft toy. When you gift a baby plastic toys they might cause themselves harm either by trying to bite it or knocking their heads on the toy. This does not mean all soft toys are safe, some soft toys could make kids breakout with allergies to the material or to the dust that accumulates soft toys. This is why you need to be careful and do your research when buying gifts for toddlers. Always remember to ask their parents before gifting them anything.

Prepare A Nursery For A New Baby

One of the most exciting experiences in life is to be able to bring a new born into your home. Having a baby in your home is going to change the dimensions of our family entirely. It will be a shared responsibility between all family members. Apart from the shared duties and chores, it is important to prepare your home for an addition. Here are a few ways you can prepare your nursery for a new baby;

Location – When selecting a place to have the nursery it is important to have easy access to it. During the beginning months, there will be a constant need for you and the other family members to access the room. It is important to place the room strategically so as to allow convenient feeding, but also a quiet peace of mind for other family members. In order to have ease of access, ensure that once the location is picked, sliding doors are fitted so as to allow unobstructed view of the baby whilst keeping pets and such out.

Designing – It is vital to have a calming and peaceful ambience in a nursery so as to avoid hassle all around the house. However, it is crucial to make the room as safe as possible. Avoid using second hand strollers, and opt to buy brand new ones with tight fitting and secure hardware. This will ensure your child doesn’t suffocate or get stuck. The room needs to be designed and organised in such a way so that it poses no inconvenience to anyone. Avoid overcrowding the room with toys, and install basic needs such as a baby bassinet, changing table, rocking chair.

And strollers such as a Cybex stroller for when you want to go for walks. With rocking chairs, pick out a comfortable chair that is relaxing and soothing for your child whilst being fed.

In addition to the nursery, all other rooms such as the kitchen and living room need to be baby proofed. In order to avoid accidents anywhere else in the house, it is best to keep shelves, cabinets and drawers latched with safety locks so no child can reach them. It is best to keep bathroom doors locked at all times, and to keep electric appliances out of reach. Avoid using sharp objects anywhere and leaving them unattended, and install locks on all toilets to prevent having drowning hazards. Keep furniture and ornaments anchored to the wall so that the child doesn’t have the opportunity to try to move it and hurt them.

The most important rule of the thumb is to never leave a child unattended.